Road Harbour, Tortola

Road Harbour, Tortola

© dta Road Harbour, Tortola

Road Town & Road Habour Road Harbour from Baughers Bay

Road Harbour is Road Town's primary water front, hosting the main ferry dock and customs.

British Virgin Islands beaches have been voted the "best beaches" by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Getting to Road Harbour

Situated on the south coast of Tortola approx. 9 miles along the coast road heading west from the Terrence B.Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island and approx. 12 miles if heading east from the ferry terminal at Sopers Hole, West End, Tortola.

What's at Road Harbour

Captain's Table Cafe & Bar (Tortola)
  • 284 494 3885

The Captain's Table offers outdoor dining in an inviting atmosphere

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Crandall's Pastry Plus (Tortola)
  • 284 494 5156

Lobster, conch patties, fried fish, chicken roti, cakes and tarts.

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Le Cabanon (Tortola)
  • 284-494-8660

Fantastic French cuisine in a relaxed Tortola setting. The food at Le Cabanon is some of the best in Tortola,.

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Maria's by the Sea Hotel & Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284-494-2595
  • 284-494-2420

Conveniently nestled on the waterfront in the heart of Road Town, all rooms are air-conditioned, dine at Maria's restaurant for fresh lobster, conch, fish, steak, and liver dishes.

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The Moorings Mariner Inn Hotel and Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284 494 2332
  • 284 494 1638

the Caribbean's most complete yachting resort

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The Pub (Tortola)
  • 284-494-2608

The Pub dockside restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner features West Indian specialties, burgers, and fantastic salads for lunch.

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Pusser's Road Town (Tortola)
  • 284 494 3897

English pub serves lunch and dinner. Burgers, fish & chips, pizza, sandwiches

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Royal BVI Yacht Club (Tortola)
  • 284 494 8140

Lunch and dinner with a varied menu including a sushi bar

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Village Cay Marina, Hotel & Restaurant (Tortola)
  • 284 494 2771
  • 284 494 2773

21 en suite hotel rooms with waterside bar and grille

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Cantik (Tortola)
  • 284-4947927
  • 284-4947928

Gift shop

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Ample Hamper Too (Tortola)
  • 284-4942494
  • 284-4945349

Provisioning and deli

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Dockside Food Market (Tortola)
  • 284-4941096

Provisioning and grocery store

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We Be Divin’ (Tortola)
  • 284 494 4320
  • 284494 5172

We never take out more than eight divers except by your request.

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Conch Charters Ltd (Tortola)
  • 284 494 4868
  • 284494 5793

For the best cruising fun on a sailboat take a sailing vacation

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TMM Yacht Charters (Tortola)
  • 800 633 0155 284 494 2751

feel comfortable booking your bareboat charter

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BVI Yacht Charters Ltd (Tortola)
  • 1 284 494 42891 888 615 4006

Our yachts are fully equipped and professionally maintained

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The Moorings (Tortola)
  • ---800-535-7289

Since our inception, we've stood for professionalism, reliability and above all, a passion for the art and science of sailing. It's the joy of navigating the world's most beautiful destinations, that we share with the most discerning yachtsmen. Our goal is to provide you with “The Best Sailing Vacations in the World!”

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North South Vacations (Tortola)
  • 284-4940096

Charter company - also offers slip and mooring rentals, yacht management, maintenance, internet, water, fuel and provisions.

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Dolphin Discovery (Tortola)
  • 284-4947675

Swim with dolphins experience

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Tortola Yacht Services Boatyard (Tortola)
  • 284-4942124

Boatyard in Road Harbour, Tortola

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